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Rival Gaming is one of the world's most cutting edge online video slots designers, producing some of the most famous and popular Internet Casino games of all time. They haven't been in business as long as some of the industry giants, but in the time they've been with us, they've made their presence felt by releasing wave after wave of completely innovative and thrilling video slot titles.

You've heard of their ground breaking work with i-Slots. Chances are, you've had a go on one of their progressive jackpot games, chasing the dream. But did you know that they also make mind blowingly good conventional 3D slots as well?

Actually, check that. There's nothing conventional about Rival Gaming's software, ever. Every single multi reel slot that they release is in some way utterly unique, and playing one is usually a voyage of discovery.

You see, Rival Powered's video slots are built in a way that would confuse some casino game designers. While some companies build video slots that are focused on making money, Rival never loses sight of why we play casino games in the first place: to have fun.

And so they build their games first and foremost to entertain us. The fact that you can also get Scary Rich playing them is almost secondary to the playing experience that they're trying to deliver.

This is borne out by the way in which their games work – on the face of them, you might think that they're not high paying video slots; most cough up between 4,000 and 10,000 coins for a top winning combination. But that's never how the big money is made in a Rival Powered video slots.

You see, every single one of their video slots contains bonus games and hidden stages just waiting for you to discover them, and it's here that the true cash is lurking. The reward is not just in triggering the spectacularly entertaining bonus rounds that you never knew was there, but also in the huge cash bonuses that can be reaped during these bonus rounds.

And this isn't counting the fact that nearly all of Rival Gaming's video slots have the potential to launch into free spins mode, where your winnings have a multiplier assigned to them, so that a win of 4,000 coins coins could suddenly become 20,000, if lady luck is smiling on you. We all love spins!

Make no mistake, Rival Gaming's series of multi-reel video slots are some of the most entertaining out there.

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