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Rival Gaming is perhaps most famous for their invention of the i-Slots concept. But if you were under the impression that this was the sum total of their achievements, you would be very wrong. Rival Gaming is also an innovator in all areas of Internet gaming and online gambling including progressive slots.

Rival Gaming are also the producers of some of the most popular and highest paying progressive jackpot video slots in the world. Their progressive jackpots are now legendary, and you can find them at some of the Internet's best online casinos.

You may be asking yourself what a progressive slot is. Luckily, we're here to explain it for you.

When you encounter a progressive jackpot video slot for the first time, it may appear to you to be just an ordinary video slot. It'll have a standard number of reels - most progressive slots are based on the traditional three reel slot format.

Most of the time, there isn't a bonus game, or any of the features you'd expect from modern multi-reel slots such as wild symbols, scatters and free spins. Usually, it will pay out only on the center line - although there are some exceptions. To all intents and purposes, progressive jackpots are pure vanilla.

So what is the big deal? Well is this huge draw that makes progressive slots some of the most popular games at Rival Powered casinos?

The answer is: they pay out jackpots that are radically higher than any other kind of Rival casino game out there.

This is what makes a progressive jackpot: every time you spin the reels, a small slice of the money that you have wagered is placed into a growing, communal pot. This pot is contributed to by players of the same video slot game that you are playing, all over the world.

That potentially tens of thousands of people, all playing the same video slot at different Rival Powered casinos, all contributing to the same ever-swelling jackpot. See the excitement now?

At some point, someone is going to hit the winning combination that will pay out that progressive jackpot, and it won't be a stack like 2,000 coins. It'll be in the tens of thousand. Or the hundreds of thousands. Potentially, it could even be in the millions of dollars – and all from just a single spin on the progressive slots.

This huge potential of massive winnings is what keeps players coming back to Rival Powered progressive slots, time and time again. Hopefully Rival will soon add a progressive 3D slot game.

We have full reviews and screenshots of all the Rival progressive slots. Simply click the game title and check out these Rival casino games.

Major Moolah - three reel, single line progressive slot game.

Strike Gold - three reel, single line progressive slot game.

One Million Reels BC - three reel, five line progressive slot game.

Money Magic - Five reels, nine lines of magical fun on this progressive slot.

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Tips for Playing Progressive Slots

When you play progressive slots, don't shut yourself out of the jackpot or spin away your bankroll. here are a few tips for when you play any type of jackpot games.

1- ALWAYS bet the maximum amount, most progressive slots only pay out the jackpot on a maximum bet.

2- Never use more than 20% of your bankroll trying to hit the jackpot. Progressive slots by nature have a lower pay out percentage when compared to other slot games. With this lower payout percentage you can quickly go through your gambling money with out having a big hit.

3- If playing at a brick and mortar casino, sometimes there is a row of the same progressive slot machines, but with different top prize amounts. If your going to play one of these stick with ones with the highest prize showing.

4- Never expect to hit the jackpot and keep playing for it. The odds are long, so think of it as trying to win the lottery.
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