3 Reel Slots Available at Rival Gaming

Players of 3 reel slots are not looking for bells and whistles, just fun slots. Rival Gaming combines some of the classic elements with a modern look to bring you some of the most exciting 3 reel action at online casinos.

Rival Gaming, in their relatively short history (the company has been around for less than a decade) have produced some of the most ground breaking and innovative slot games ever seen at online casinos. Every time you see their name mentioned in the press, the word i-Slot isn't far behind, and their progressive jackpot slots are some of the most popular ever played at Internet Casinos.

But what about players who aren't into all of the zoom and fuss of multi reel, multi pay line video slots? There's a perception among some players that a five reel, 20 pay line video slot is much more difficult to beat than an old school 3 reel slot. It's not actually true, but the point is that they're not drawn in by the whistles and bells, the hidden bonus rounds, the multipliers, the Wild symbols and the Scatters.

Players like this are just looking for a plain and simple video slot. And whether they're right in their assumption that old style three reels games are best, why should they be excluded from experiencing the magic that Rival Gaming can produce when they set their minds to designing a video slot? Face it, if everyone had the same taste, it would be a pretty boring world.

And so for traditional style players, Rival Gaming produces a line of traditional three reel video slots. No fourth and fifth reels, no scatters, no nonsense. Although Rival Powered has built honest, original format casino games, and they've even managed to slip in some truly unique features. This allows Rval to make them unlike the three reel video slots you will find at any other online casinos.

Wild Symbols in 3 Reel Slots

For example, in a lot of their three reel slots they have managed to sneak in the concept of a Wild symbol. Not in every Rival casino game, but in a lot of them.

What this means for players is, there's a symbol on the reels that behaves like the blank tile in a game of scrabble. It can plug the empty hole that was missing in absolutely any otherwise winning combination. In short, the Wild symbol is a life saver.

Could any traditionalist be upset with the inclusion of a Wild symbol in their three reel slot? Hardly. Because the fact is that having it there, having it part of the game makes it that much easier to win. And who could argue with that?  After all its still a 3 reel slot even if it has wild symbols or even a free spins feature.

Speaking of 3's be sure to check out the awesome 3D slots offered at Rival casinos.


We have full reviews and screenshots of all the 3 reel slot games. Simply click the game title and check out these Rival casino games.

Crazy Camel Cash featuring tripling wild camels. An exclusive 3 reel slot game from rival.

Global Cup Soccer allows you to go for the golden goal and score big. Soccer theme slot game.

Bust a Vault featuring fruits, bars and multiplying safes. The first rival game with animated icons.

Eggstravaganza Easter based them. Bunnies, ducks and free spins make this reel slot Eggciting.

Fantastic Fruit Slot the traditional reel slot with hits coming as faster than you can peel.

Flea Market join the bargain hunt with big wins jus waiting. Mutilpliers increase your win 2x or even 4x.

Gold Rush is one of my favorites. Watch for the 49'er to multiply your winning spin.

Big Cash Win lives up to its title. This 3 reel slot offers a top payout of 10,000 coins.

Milk the Cash Cow lets the Moolah pour in with big  multipliers and a hefty jackpot.

Surf Paradise finds you to searching for the big blue waves and green tropical rainforest.

Seven's and Bar's Reel Slot just like the classic red, white and blue, this Rival 3 reel slot players have come to love.

Chicken Little offers multipliers and huge jackpot if the wheel lands just right.

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